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Sire: Olagus Hadjim Zakosch Dam: Spin-Kendos Anaspasiba


2002-06-22, Vilhelmsborg Judge Tuula Savolainen, CC, BOB, BIS 3
2000-06-17, Vårgårda Judge Wayne Burton, BM-3 CC,
2000-05-21, Ljungbyhed Judge Birgit Wamberg, BM-2, CC
2000-03-19, Malmö Judge Frand De Ridder, BM-2 R-CAC
1999-08-07, Ronneby Judge Rodi Hubenthal, CC, BOB


                                             2.5 Years old
10 years old


Djingis LOVE to Show him self, but it took a lot of hard work before he was able to do that. In the beginning he was very scared and shy because of his unhappy childhood. He had a lovely floating movement, that not many can beat.

For me he was nearly the perfect Borzoi

He is 1 year old in this picture.

          95-07-18 -2006-04-19

          I will miss him every day,

          for the rest of my life                              


Djingis is father of 11 puppies.
Dam to this litter is Grafinja´s Gaika
Owned by Eva Håkansson, Kennel Sahejeev