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modern tehybrid
-Suzuki, Japan 1987
(duftwolker x Kagayaki)

Mikado's strong health are very apriciated in the garden can
grew as a standard.
Has a very strong firered colour.


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2011-11-06 Växsjö Int,Nataletti Valero, BM 2, R-CAC 
2011-05-08 Hilleröd int - Denmark. Harri Leccohnen, BOB, CAC 
2011-03-20 Malmö int. Zeferino José V Cardoso De Silva,
BM 2 CC Swedish Champion!! & R-CAC
2011-03-19 Koge-Denmark. Saija Juutaminen, BOB

Best Male 2010 Denmark-Mynde Klub

2010-11-21 Nyorg-DK Ronny Doedjine, BM 3 CC Danish Champion!!!
2010-10-16 Aars-DK Louis Dehaes, BM 4
2010-08-07 Gilleleje-DK Markku Mähönen BM 1 CC, BOB, BIS-5 and Youngster BIS-1!
2010-06-13 Tångahed B-R-Special Dan Persson Kennel Yermoloff's Youngster BIS-1!
2010-05-30 Randböldal-DK Gunnar Nyman BM 2 CC
2010-05-29 Randböldal-DK Andre Van Der Broek, BM 4 CC
2010-05-22 Hässleholm, Jaques Jean Dupas BM 3 CC
2010-05-16 Backagården B-R-Special, Susanna Holmberg kennel Jeliztas BM 1, BOS, and Youngster BIS-1!
2010-05-02 Hilleröd-DK, Seamus Oates BM 3 CC, R-Cac
2010-03-20 Malmö int, Soile Bister BM 2 CC, R-Cac
 2010-03-07 Nestved-DK, Åke Sjöström BM 1, CC, BOB, BIS-andYoungsterBIS1!




At Kennel Jarindja's
there were born
8 wounderfull puppies

The Flying Zoi's Mikado
SuCh Dimitrow's Indanga
are the proud

We wish them all the best
for the future