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   The Flying Zoi's Nova

 7 Augusti 2002 - 16 April 2014
 Our Lovely girl Nova has join the others in heaven
She had a very rich Life with alot of joy but also loss
She was so much love so happy to just be
It is empty here without you my big Lovely girl..

BOB, BIG Sofiero Handler Helena


8 November 2008 Herning, Tamás Jakkel.

21 September 2008 Ballerup,
Davor Javor Croatien, BOB

12 September 2004 Laröd, Åke Sjöström: CC, BOS

11-12 September 2004 Sofiero, Britt Schöne Brodwall: CC, CACIB, BOB, BIG

30 July 2004 Ronneby, Allan Pepper: CC, CACIB, BOB


She is a lot like granny both in body and soul. She is a very big girl with love to everyone.






Nova with Ulla, Ulla that rest in heaven