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Ch.Smirnoff's Xenia
e:Smirnoff Sagar u: Ch Smirnoff Rotyia

"Musepige, näbbgäddan, stumpan"
Is now near Niels side again
She was a very very beautiful bitch, full of life.
She was more then I deserve so gentel, and aristocratic. 
I'm very happy that she came to live with me.
I'm grateful to Eva and Nils,
they have done a great job with their borzois over the years.

29-09-2001 - 07-05-2013

Breeder: Eva Holck Lundum, Knl Smirnoff Danmak


Danish and Swedish Champion.
17 March 2007 St Merlose.
Dr.Dimitros Antonopoulos CC
10 September 2006 Sofiero.
Roberto Posa CC
14 November 2004 Herlufmagle.
Kresten Scheel CC
2 May 2004 Helsingör.
Joyce O'Conner CC
SMIRNOFF XENO LT y ch, LV Y ch, by y ch, lt ch